A Sound in Sight is a metalcore band from Omaha, Nebraska. Hitting it off in 2013, A Sound in Sight worked with and recorded their first EP with Tom Denney, former guitarist in A Day to Remember. This self titled EP was the first EP, produced, mixed and mastered by Tom, in 2013. The EP features a different and unique blend of each member’s taste and style of music. This EP was the perfect way to get their name out there and get a foot in the door. They also had a brief tour at the start of 2013 as well, going from state to state with another local Omaha band, An Empire Once Nothing. A Sound in Sight had the pleasure of going to six different locations with this band. Ending 2013 strong, A Sound in Sight was also featured on two local radio stations, Planet O and Maverick Radio. 

       A Sound in Sight also has some pretty close ties with some really big names including Dave Shapiro(Velocity), and SECRETS(Rise Records). When the EP launched in 2013 A Sound in Sight had a conversation with Dave about the music, who enjoyed the music and is looking forward to hearing more. Joe English, the drummer for SECRETS is in direct relation with the lead guitarist, Matt English, of A Sound in Sight. The two are brothers and luckily for A Sound in Sight they get a lot of professional advice from SECRETS. As well as having close connections with some pretty popular names, most of the band also has endorsements. Jeff Harris, drummer, is endorsed by AJP Custom Drums, and the three guitarists, Matt English, Ethan Weigman, and Jayce Englund are endorsed by Black Market Custom Cabs. 
This band has recently gone through some member changes, which include two new vocalists, and a new bass player. 

       The band as a whole feel that they are now stronger than ever, the guys have been a very close group of friends for years. With the new members the band will be moving to North Dakota in the spring of 2014. They plan on working as hard as they can, saving money, writing and recording, and maybe doing a short tour every once in a while. One of the major plans for North Dakota is to prepare new merchandise for the public and releasing a music video in the summer of 2014 along with writing and recording a full length album with Tom Denney that will hopefully also feature artist from various favorite bands of A Sound In Sight. Once the band has gained the money they need or has been signed to a label they plan on moving to San Diego, California and starting a local fan base there along with the rest of their lives.EPK_pic_bio.html

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